By David O Connell

Wedding accessories are important to complete your bridal look. Without wedding accessories, the wedding gown would look bare and incomplete. Below are some of the essential wedding accessories.

Wedding veils
Would a wedding be complete without a wedding veil? Of course you”ve probably seen weddings where brides where gowns without veils but it sure don”t look much like a wedding. A wedding veil, along with the ring and cord, is one wedding accessory that symbolizes the wedding itself. In picking out a wedding veil make sure that it will suit your wedding gown and the theme of your wedding. Traditional veils are very formal and usually measure around three and a half yards long. Veils nowadays come in various lengths. There is even a shoulder length flyaway type that is preferred by many modern brides.

Shoes & stockings
Shoes and stockings are a crucial element to your overall look on your wedding day. All girls know how difficult it is to find a shoe that will complement attire. What more if you are trying to look for a pair that would match your wedding gown. Try to look for shoes made of velvet, satin and silk as these materials provide a formal and delicate touch to any event. You can also choose shoes with embellishment like beads, sequins, pearls or crystals. Just make sure that the shoes you will buy is comfortable on your feet because you will ear them on probably the most important event of your life.

Aside from the wedding band and wedding ring, you should also take time to consider the other jewelry you will ear like necklace, earrings and bracelet. Jewelry should always compliment a dress and not be the star of the evening. So make sure that the jewelry you will wear would be noticeable enough to get attention but not too loud as to over shadow your wedding gown. Consider wearing family heirlooms because they are proven to be an ideal wedding accessory. Of course, diamonds and pearls would also be very nice.

Headpieces such as combs, headbands, back pieces and Juliet caps are generally used to hold the wedding veil in place. Often, headpieces are decorated with beads, pearls, crystals or flowers to make them look attractive. It seems like a small detail but a headpiece can spell the difference between a boring wedding attire and an exciting one. Actually, a beautiful headpiece can even replace a veil altogether. Examples of headpieces that can stand alone are tiaras, crowns, half-crowns, wreaths and bun wraps.

Gloves make great accessories especially if you are wearing a strapless or sleeveless gown. The general rule is that the shorter the sleeve the longer the glove should be. Gloves simply provide an air of sophistication to any outfit.

Of course you shouldn”t be carrying a bag with you during the wedding ceremony or even during the reception. But still it would be nice to have a small purse where all the things you will need, particularly make up for touch ups, would be contained. It doesn”t have to be a big shoulder bag. Clutches will work just fine.

As they say, God is in the details. And in wedding the little details provided by wedding accessories can make all the difference. That’’s is why it is very important to give as much attention to the wedding accessories you will wear or carry on your wedding day as you would to your wedding gown.

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By Chris Chew

Do you always have women around you? Are you consistently receiving text messages or emails from women? Do you frequently have strange women chatting you up in social gatherings? If not, then you may not be very attractive to the girls and if you want to be more attractive to the female gender, then you have some work to do. If you work on your desire to be more attractive to women, one day you will be.

So the first question to ask yourself what are the male attributes women like and then work hard to acquire these attractive traits. No magical pills are needed. It is all about yourself.

Women adore guys who are smart and witty. These guys spell security and fun for the girls. By smart, I don”t mean that you must have a PhD of sorts. Paper qualification does not necessary means that you are smart, but it is measures to gauge that you know how to study and work hard for your qualifications.

Being smart here means that you are well read and is able to carry good conversations in most subjects intelligently. This shows that you are a good well rounder. Being witty is also an indication of your intelligence. However, there is a very thin line between being witty and corny.

Women love to laugh and have fun. By the way, who doesn”t? So by exhibiting your wittiness, you will be showing her that you are a fun guy to be with and you can make her smile and laugh. Who wants to be with a boring nerd for the rest their life, don”t you agree?

I am sure you must have heard about the phrase “cocky and funny”, haven”t you? Yes, women love cocky and funny guys. However, cockiness does not mean that you can be rude, arrogant or offensive. Taken into its proper context, cockiness here means being confident about yourself. Women simply cannot resist confident men because these men project an aura of security and alpha male dominance.

So do not look down or look away when you are talking to her. Hold the eye contact confidently and she will soon swoon over you. If you can make her laugh at the same time with your intelligent quips during the conversation, she will soon be very attracted to you.

Many dating gurus often state that women are not attracted by looks. I wish to clarify on that. Looks do play a very important part in the initial attraction. Otherwise, why do the girls scream in frenzy when in sight of those handsome movie stars or pop stars?

However, as I said, it is only the initial attraction. Although you need many other attractive male attributes to keep the girls hooked on you or if you want to establish a long term relationship, you will still need to look good. This is because you will have to meet the girls first, right? So if you dressed up shabbily, what will be her first impression of you and we all know that the first impression is very important, don”t we?

So read up some fashion magazines and buy the clothes and accessories that will make you look good. If you are overweight, it is time to let the bulges go and if you are thin and scrawny, it is time to put on some muscles on your frame.

If you are willing acquire all these attractive male qualities, you will naturally attract women easily and be very busy dating away.

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Chris Chew is a relationship and fitness consultant. If you really desire to be a girl magnet, then read How to attract women and Attract women pheromone oil

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By Henry Ashworth

For royal watchers everywhere 2011 should be quite a year, as the son of Princess Diana, Prince William, marries long term girlfriend Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey London on April 29.

Mean while, two months later, the tiny European Principality of Monaco will be full of celebrities and royals for the marriage of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock.

The happy royal couple are set to tie the knot on Friday July 2 2011 in a civil ceremony in the Palace, near the cathedral where Prince Albert’’s mother – Hollywood actress Grace Kelly – married Prince Rainier in 1956, catapulting Monaco to the world’’s attention.

The wedding will be a bonanza for the world’’s press, with a mix of A-list celebrities, sports stars, musicans as well as members of other European royal families in attendance. A thousand guests will be at an open air ceremony on the Saturday.

It will be a bonanza too for the businesses in the area – the hotels will be full and most are already fully booked for the weekend, at full rate. Given that both the Hotel de Paris and Metropole are five star there should be no shortage of first class rooms available in the Monaco hotels for the invited guests!

Even in an ordinary year the Principaility is full of glamour. Visitors can enjoy the world renowned Monte Carlo Casino any day of the year, in April there is the tennis while in late May there is the Monaco Grand Prix and in September the Yacht Show – all world class events that draw people in from around Europe with the Grand Prix televised live globally.

The happy bride Charlene Wittstock is South African, although born in Zimbabwe, in January 1978. Charlene was a member of South Africa’’s swimming team at the 2000 Summer Olympics, held in Sydney Australia. She held several South African swimming records, and after the wedding her first official trip as Princess with Prince Albert will be to South Africa, for an Olympic meeting.

Nearly twenty years her senior, Prince Albert has the natural mix of Hollywood glamour through his mother and European royalty through his father, and became Monaco’’s top royal following the death of his father Prince Rainier, who took Monaco from a sleepy European enclave to worldwide glamour and financial tax haven during his reign.

Over that time Monaco became known as the home of million and billionaires, and is today an important finance centre with the Monaco banks playing an important part in her economy.

And Prince Albert is well known for campaigning on environmental issues at high levels of government, raising issues and pushing them up the agenda of importance. While people might associate his Principality primarily with glamour and the Monaco banks, it is also leading the campaign for example to ban the fishing of endangered bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean.

While some might be surprised at just how much Prince Albert cares about the environment, it will probably come as less of a surprise to learn that Monaco property is the most expensive in the world – highlighted recently when the Candy Brothers sold their apartment for over 200 million Euros.

Given that F1 cars race around its streets every May, it might seem a strange mix, but that’’s the joy of Monaco – a leader in environmental issues but still able to have the glamour of some of the world’’s best hotels, casino, a luxury yacht show and the Monaco Grand Prix which is the highlight of the F1 season.

And next year of course there’’s that rather special Wedding to look forward to, to make it a special summer for royal watchers everywhere.

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monacoproperty.net offers a range of Monaco properties for sale.

There is also banking information, including for Credit Suisse International and HSBC.

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By Chris Chew

I am sure most of us guys have been guilty of inching closer to women because she sure smells good, haven”t you? Well, don”t feel too bad about it now that you have been exposed because there is plenty of science about why this is happening and yes, women too are also guilty about inching closer to you because you, well, smells good too.

So, why are women attracted to a man’’s smell? In case you didn”t know, it is your human pheromones that is the sexual attractant. You see, the pheromone is an odorless chemical substance emitted by humans, animals and even insects. Pheromones are part of nature’’s mating game created for sexual attraction on a physical level.

The effect of this chemical is much more pronounced in the animal and insect kingdoms rather than the human race. That is why a bitch in heat can attract dogs from even miles away because of the pheromones she is emitting. The same cannot be said about human beings though.

It is thought that we humans, being logical creatures do not react much to instinctive behaviours and thus through the centuries of lack of use, our detection and production of our own pheromones declined dramatically. However, there are still evidence that we do produce and detect human pheromones albeit in a much lesser extent than animals and insects.

These findings are the reasons why the artificial pheromone manufacturing industry is booming. Today, you can easily get your hands on laboratory manufactured human pheromone in the form of sprays, oils, cologne, perfumes and even supplements meant to encourage the production of your own natural pheromones.

The human pheromone is found in our sweat and is subconciously detected by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), or Jacobson’’s organ in the nose. But guys, if you want to attract women with plenty of stale sweat, forget it because smelly sweat also turns women off or otherwise, women will be flocking to construction workers who are sweating profusely.

So if you want women to get close to you enough to detect your pheromones, plan on being sweat free or just a little newly sweaty. This is because pheromones are orderless and being too sweaty brings out stale sweat smells that are detestable to the nostrils.

You see, women have more sensitive smell receptors than men and prefer certain scents only when they are fresh, such as androstenol (primary chemical in male pheomone), which is emitted when sweat and oxygen intermingle. But because of the smelly stale sweat, they will be turned off.

So one way of overcoming this dichotomy is to wear manufactured androstenol in the form of cologne, spray or perfume. I personally prefer to take pheromone enhancing supplements to produce more of my own natural pheromone without sweating too much. This is because everyone is unique.

Attracting the opposite sex using pheromone is only one part of the dating game because that only forms the initial physical attraction. To take the relationship further, you must learn and have other male attractive attributes to keep the women continuing to lust for you. So if you have other male qualities such as confidence, leadership and style, augmented by a dash of androstenol, then you will certainly become a natural chick magnet.

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Chris Chew is a fitness and relationship consultant. If you want to know more about the attractive powers of pheromones, then read Pheromone cologne perfume spray and How do pheromone work

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By Jack Landry

Getting married is a time of excitement and planning. When you get married you are making a commitment to the other person through everything.

This includes illness, good times, and even financial struggles. It has been found that disputes over finances are one of the top things that cause divorce today.

It is critical that you plan ahead to make sure that your finances will go well and that you will be able to cover your expenses. It is also critical that you look at yourself and where you could have cut expenses instead of blaming the problems all on the other person.

This principle applies to all aspects of marriage. You are going to run into problems the minute you start blaming everything that goes wrong on your spouse.

There are many financial things you should consider as you begin your lives together. For example, in general most couples end up paying $1500 more in taxes once they make the official commitment to one another.

You will want to make sure that you have enough to cover this amount when April rolls around. Most newlyweds who are students still do not have to pay very many taxes if any.

However, it is good to keep this in mind. This penalty is a result of pooling two incomes.

In addition to discussing taxes you should also discuss your honeymoon finances before you leave on that trip. Be sure that you will not be spending your entire savings on this one vacation.

Your honeymoon will hopefully be happy whether you retreat to a cabin in the woods or go on an expensive cruise. However, your life after the honeymoon will be a struggle if you do not have any funds to fall back on.

Hopefully, you are both aware of each other’’s debt before you are committed to one another. If you have made that commitment, it is better to ask now rather than later so that you know what you will have to work through together.

Discuss your debt and decide which part of your collective debt is the most important in being paid off first. Usually, it is most important to pay off high interest credit cards first.

Once you have paid this off, work on paying the next highest interest debt off. Be sure that you can cover the minimum payments on all of the other things you have to pay however.

You will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment as a couple as you pay off these debts and become financially free. It is also important that you regularly discuss your finances to make sure you are on track in accomplishing your goals and that you are working together.

Make adjustments as needed if necessary. Talk about upcoming major purchases that you need to save up for and how those will affect minor purchases.

Be sure to ask before you make expensive purchases so that resentment does not build between you and your love. He or she should be more important to you than any material thing you may want, even though if you work together you should be able to work towards the purchase of the material things you want.

As newlyweds, there are going to be many material things that you will want to stock your home with. However, it is important to realize that your parents worked hard for the things they have in their home.

You do not need everything your parents had right away. It is much more important to build up a savings account.

Emergencies are bound to come along that will negatively affect your relationship with your spouse and your ability to support your children if you are unable to pay for them because you do not have a savings account.

As newlyweds, it is a good idea to strive to have at least $1000 in savings. Then, as your ability to save more increases when you pay off debt or get a better paying job, be sure to increase the goal amount to keep in your savings account.

In the end, you goal should be to save at least three months of household expenses. Then, strive for six months of household expenses.

This will come in handy if you ever lose your job and need something to fall back on while you strive to find another job. As you plan your life together, do not overlook your financial life as it may be one of the best indicators of a healthy marriage.

About The Author

Jack R. Landry has worked since 1988 as a tax attorney. He has written hundreds of articles about finding a Los Angeles Tax Lawyer.

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Jack R. Landry

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By Jinger Jarrett

Call me a hopeless romantic, but it’’s that time of year when I think we are most interested in being in love. After all, it is the holidays, and I know of no one who wants to be alone on the holidays.

When I was first asked to review this ebook, I was somewhat skeptical. Since I”m a woman, I”m really not interested in finding another woman to love. However, what I discovered here was not just an excellent lesson in culture, but also an excellent lesson in love.

Just like anything else in life, there is a set of rules set out by the universe, and if you follow those rules, you will achieve your goal. If you follow the information set out in this ebook, you will achieve your goal of finding love.

This ebook is divided into five parts:

Part 1: Why We Love Asian Women

The author covers the history of Western mens” fascination with women, as well as specific erotic stereotypes of Asian women.

These include:

The Bookworm
The Glamour Girl
The Ice Princess
The Geisha Girl
The Little Orphan Girl
The Nurturer
The Super Happy “Sex” Kitty
The Warrior

Part 2: What An Asian Woman Really Really Wants

This section explains her motivations. It also explains what she is looking for in a Western male.

Part 3: A Crash Course in Asian Women – Inside and Out From Head to Toe

This section actually covers Asian women from a physical perspective and esplains all of the body parts. It also explains the culture and religion of Asian women (There are actually 40 subcultures within this group.)

Part 4: Where to Meet Asian Women

Find out where Asian women hang out. You”ll also discover the top 10 cities where Asian Americans hang out, as well as top international hot spots.

Part 5: Dating an Asian Woman

How to use online dating services. That crucial first date and how to get it all right, including how to dress to impress.

What I liked about this ebook is that there’’s really a lot of information on culture and understanding Asians. It’’s not something we really talk a lot about in the Western culture, but Asians come from a culture that’’s thousands of years old and deeply steeped in history, as well as two major religions, Buddhism, and Confusionism.

Although some women may consider the content of this ebook to be chauvenistic, it’’s really not. The author has made a conscientious effort to cover the subject not only in a respectable way, but to actually connect the men and women who are interested in this topic so they can fall in love.

If you”ve always wanted to meet an Asian woman and fall in love with her, then this ebook is for you. It will teach you all of the techniques, as well as cultural aspects, you need to know so that you can fall in love, respect her culture, and find the happiness you deserve.

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By Brad Long

Marriages always have their difficulties. Some more than others, and some on a regular basis. Relationships no matter how compatible are a perfect science. Arguments, frustrations with each other, and issues are inevitable. Unfortunately for many married couples these arguments can get way out of control leading to significant marriage problems. Women like to talk about their problems and work them out a lot more than men do. Oftentimes this leaves a woman thinking to herself “How can I get my husband to be in love with me again?” When you get to these kinds of serious points in your relationship or marriage you need to take some real grown up action and face these issues head on.

Experts all have their ways but for most these actions can be broken down into steps. The following tips are designed so that you can get to the root of the issue fast and fix your relationship. They will also help to show your husband that you care about his feelings, wants, and needs. If you are trying to win back the love of your husband you need to use these five tips.

Hear What His Issues Are

If you want to get back into the heart of your husband you need to listen to his problems. Talk to him about what has made him upset and truly listen to what he has to say. You may realize things you never knew about your own actions.

He May Have A Solution So Hear Him Out

If you want your husband to love you again you need to listen to the solutions that he offers. These solutions will give you clear insight into how he sees himself falling back in love with you. If you want to be successful you need to listen to these solutions.

Consider Your Past Actions

Take the time to reflect on your own actions in the relationship. If you understand what you have done wrong it will be easier for you to change. The quicker that you can change the quicker you will be able to fix your relationship.

Showing Can Be The Best Action

One of the most important things that you can do when trying to win back your husband’’s heart is to show him that you care. Small gifts, date nights, and romantic gestures will show him how much you care about him.

He Needs Time

The most important thing for you to do is to make sure that you understand the feelings of your husband. You need to know that they are thinking about and what bothers them, but also need to know why those things bother them. The more that you understand your husband the more successful that you will be.

If you can get yourself to go through these five steps you are on your way to a much more open way of communication with your spouse. Communication is harder for some more than others. If you find communicating easy and you know your husband struggles with it help him out. How? Be patient. He needs time to get through this and get his thoughts together enough to open up. When you ask “how can I get my husband to be back in love with me again” these five tips and steps should go a long way in improving your chances.

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If you need further assistance in your marriage and relationship and how to get your ex back visit our website for article tips and resources, which includes popular ebooks. Still thinking how to get my husband back? Visit our website for more information.

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