Acknowledging that failure to orgasm in the woman is also a man’s problem, is the first step to getting full sexual gratification in both partners. There are two elements in a sexual exchange that are keys to making everything work, and these are: technique and timing.


A guy who has the proper technique will know when to change positions, and when to keep going. He will also learn how to read a woman’s body language so that he will go exactly where she wants him to go, even when she’s too incoherent to express her wishes explicitly.

  • Observe where she touches herself as you are fondling or kissing her. Did you see her hands massage her breasts? Did you feel her rub her hips against your thighs. Sometimes a woman’s body can tell you what she craves for even without her talking to you about it. Also, note how she holds on to your head while you kiss her lips or her breasts, is she pushing down or is she keeping you steady?
  • Unless she asks for it, do not bite. The nipples and the clitoris are extremely sensitive and she might not be screaming in pleasure when you bite her sensitive spots. Resist the urge to bite. The rule of thumb is to simply lick and suck the sensitive areas continuously, without biting.


  • There are a lot of ways to gauge your girlfriends mood, and one of these is counting. Some days during the month are better than the others, and any girl will tell you that her off days bring cramps and black moods.
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One Response to “Why Some Women Can’t Cum: Relaxation Problems”

G3 November 12, 2008

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