How to Hit the G-Spot

G Spot Stimulation: How To Finger The Gspot

Start making the motion similar to telling someone to “come here”. The pads of your fingers should be run across her G-spot with each stroke. (be careful not to dig your nails into the ceiling of her vaginal walls-you want to “rub” not “scratch”!)

WARNING: GSpot Stimulation Can Lead To Female Ejaculation!

Sometimes when a woman has an orgasm, she may actually ejaculate. This is especially true for orgasms as a result of G-spot stimulation.

How NOT To Hit The G Spot: Regular Doggy Style Position

Typically, rear entry positions are “crowd pleasers”, meaning that both you and she will get the most pleasure from this one, though it does have its drawbacks. Rear entry, or doggy-style, allows for a host of sensations: the thrusts offer G-spot and A-spot stimulation AND deep thrusting for her.

In the regular doggy style, the penis thrusts directly into the vagina, towards the front of her body. You’ll see in the diagram below that the penis is not making direct contact with the G-spot.

Hitting The G Spot The Right Way: Enhanced Doggy Style Position

To modify the doggy style, what you’ll do is change the penetration angle of your penis, so that it’ll hit into the G-spot.

To do this, get up onto your feet and place them outside of your partners’ legs. She should have her knees close together.

Shift your body forward, and support your upper body with your arms. At this point, your pelvis should almost be directly over hers. If you find that your penis is slipping out, what she can do is arch her lower back more so that her buttocks angles upwards, and/or she can lower her upper body and rest her head and upper chest on the bed.

Now your penis will be thrusting downwards into her G-spot.

Here’s What To Do Now…

At this point, you should have a good idea of where the G spot is located and how to find it.

But you haven’t seen NOTHING yet…

You might have a hard time imaging how to stimulate a woman’s G spot just from reading text on a web page alone…

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